The World's Most Effective

Moving Target Trainer

Developed through the Air Force’s AFWERX program, Bullseye’s target-towing winch has revolutionized moving target training.

Air-to-Surface | Any Weapon | Surface-to-Surface


Less than 10% of pilots have engaged a moving target prior to combat.*


The Bullseye Moving Target System is a persistent daily trainer without engagement limitations.


Exceed requirements and train 100% of the force (fixed and rotary wing).

When you use the Bullseye Moving Target System,
Proficiency Goes UP.

BMTS Comparison Chart
F-16 and A-10

Any Weapon

Training Repetition

Door Gunner

Door Gunnery

Vehicle Interdiction

Vehicle Interdiction


UAS Targeting

Tank Bomb

Meet & Exceed Requirements

What Does Working With Bullseye Look Like?

The Bullseye Moving Target System (BMTS) is contractor owned and contractor operated (COCO). We operate our system as a service to ensure the highest operational readiness rate in order to guarantee the best training experience possible. The BMTS was developed with the support of AFWERX, and our service is easily acquired as a sole source contract.



Our team sets up the portable system, short or long term, at your range on almost any terrain.


Engage realistic targets of your choice, moving over natural terrain at speeds up to 40 mph, day or night.

F-16 Strafe


Operators move the target remotely on demand. Meet your requirements and be better prepared.

Show of Force

Support the bringing of the Bullseye Moving Target System to your range by completing a Show of Force. This anonymous data is used to provide justification to senior leadership on the need of the BMTS at your local range.

“We need more moving target practice and the ability to engage practice targets the same way we operate in a real world environment. More than half of our targets move in a real world scenario and we don’t train enough to moving targets before deployments.”

Tyler B.

Matt A.

Requestion Information

After we receive your request, you will receive an automated response with more details as well as a price sheet.

*Based on internal research conducted from January 2021 – December 2023.