Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the rope breaks?

Redundancy is integral to the design of the Bullseye Target System. We incorporate multiple ropes, or leader lines, enabling them to be shot and severed without compromising the system. In the event that the “magic bullet” severs all ropes, the system halts, and we swiftly replace them with new leader lines to minimize any downtime.

Standard target changes not resulting from damage can occur in as little as 5-15 minutes once range control clears our operators onto the range. If severe damage to the rope system has occurred, times can be longer. 

The BMTS operates without the need for permanent infrastructure. It utilizes a mobile trailer housing the central control unit and winch, strategically positioned away from the target line for safety. The system’s layout consists of a rectangle defined by specialized ropes suspended overhead. One side is supported by riser poles, while the opposite side serves as the dynamic shooting lane where the target sled maneuvers. This design accommodates diverse terrains, from dirt and sand to grasslands, eliminating the necessity for pre-existing roads.

Normally it takes one full day to be setup and ready to shoot the following day.

The BMTS is being negotiated to be deployed to multiple ranges.  Currently, Poinsett Bombing and Gunnery Range in South Carolina hosts the first system and is ready to use.

The system can make gradual turns but the shooting track should be mostly straight.

No outside internet signal is required for setups that have a clear line of sight (up to 2 miles) between the trailer and the operator. If the setup is beyond line of site, an internet/cell signal is required using our cellular internet router. 

To receive pricing information please complete a request here or navigate to the bottom of the home page. After we receive your request you will receive an automated response with more details as well as a pricing sheet.

The Bullseye Moving Target System is contractor owned and contractor operated (COCO). We operate our system as a service to ensure the highest operational readiness rate in order to guarantee the best training experience possible. Government Purchase Card transactions up to $25,000 are accepted. Payments through standard contracting mechanisms are also accepted.

Currently, the BMTS is approved for use at Poinsett Bombing and Gunnery Range in South Carolina.  To request it at your range, please submit a form by clicking here.

As seen in our video on the home page, live drone scoring is possible when altitude deconfliction is possible and Range Control approves drones operations.

We offer 2D and 3D targets. Our high-visibility, 2D targets represent a “non-tactical” moving platform for repeated high angle strafe training. Like batting practice, iterations and mechanics of the shooter are the goal. The 3D target featured in the video on our home page depicts a sedan-sized car and is better suited for low altitude engagements. Both targets are highly redundant and offer multiple uses for strafe/gun training. Bomb, rocket, and missile engagements will likely result in single-use applications. 

Custom target shapes, paint schemes and FLIR/RADAR detectable capabilities may be requested by the user for an additional costs.

Yes, the BMTS is all weather. 

In order to expedite the roll out of the Bullseye Moving Target at your range, share with your chain of command. To request more information, click here.

We are also collecting data for a “Show of Force” with senior leadership.  In order to support this anonymous effort click here.


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